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The Bravour BR10 locker 10 is ideal in a (learning) environment where, for example, users bring their own devices (BOYD: Bring Your Own Device).


The BR10 is made of sheet steel and each compartment can be individually locked with a mechanical PIN code lock that you can set yourself. A master key is supplied as standard so that the manager can open each compartment and reset the pin code.

Setting the pin code can be done by holding down a button on the inside of the door while the pin code is entered. is set. The door is closed and locked. The PIN code lock is then set to random numbers.


The BR10 has one socket in each compartment and two USB ports available for a charger or adapter. Only one power cable runs to the locker cabinet. This means that the tablet or laptop can be used immediately the next morning or the next lesson. All three ports can be used at the same time and several devices fit per compartment.


The compartments measure 41d x 33, 5w x 10.5h cm. This is sufficient for all tablets including cover and almost all laptops up to a minimum of 15.6 inches, but bicycle batteries can also be safely stored and charged. The cabinet itself is 125h x 42w x 44.5d cm.


The following products are optionally available:

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  • Plinth - this raises the locker 50 cm from the ground so that the lower compartments are more accessible.
  • Bench - only in combination with the plinth can a metal bench of 50 cm be mounted wide.
  • Above plinth - prevents items placed on the locker from falling off.
  • Coat rack - can be mounted on either side for hanging clothes jackets, etc. You have to drill 2 holes yourself to be able to mount the coat rack.
  • Please note: when measuring the device, the adapter or USB cable must be included for charging in the maximum dimensions of the compartment!

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