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All other product security against theft. Security Display Solutions has many security products to secure almost every kind of product in stores, shops, office and museums but also for events and other public places. Some of our products in this category are: Stand alone camera security displays for electronically securing cameras against theft in stores. Central security displays consist of a central unit with 2 to 24 ports that can be used in combination with a variety of cables to secure all kinds of products. The cables can have a USB, Micro USB, loop, sensor or wing sensor. Detaching or cutting the cable will result in the alarm sounding. A cheap and ideaal solution for events and securing many products on one table. Kensington cable security, we can deliver any kind of Kensington cable with the key solution you require like a Master Key or Single Key solution. Apple security: in this category you will find all products that are designed specifically to secure Apple products like iMac, Apple TV, MacBook, Mac Pro en Mac Mini against theft. Desktop PC: we have a number of solutions to secure your desktop PC against theft. Smartwatch: we have central and stand alone smartwatch security for shops or on events.
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