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This category contains all products to protect against smartphone theft. Security Display Solutions offers a wide range of security products to secure phones in stores and at trade shows, events, museums, restaurants, offices and public places. We have different types of security: Stand alone phone security displays: individual electronic security for phones. Ideal for securing phones in retail or at fairs. A phone display serves as a presentation tool and alarm system. The phone can be picked up and be operated but once the cable is cut or removed this triggers the alarm. Central phone security displays: for securing a group of smartphones against theft. Ideal for securing telephones if several mobile phones are located together in a group. For example, at trade shows or in-store. Phone recoiler protection: protect the phone using a cable and double sided tape. Usually used for dummy phones but also widely used in retail. Phone lockers: widely used in BYOD environments, both in the office and in education but also in places where no mobile IT equipment is allowed. Please contact us for questions or advice: +31 (0)24-641 9474.
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