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Floor stand, table stand and wall holder security for the Samsung Galaxy TAB A (T550) tablets. All Samsung Galaxy TAB A wall holders and floor and table stands can be found under this category. The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy TAB A 9.7 "(T550) tablet are: Samsung Galaxy TAB A 9.7 ": 242 x 167 x 7.5 mm Both the universal and the customized Floor stands, table stands and wall mounts for the Samsung Galaxy TAB A are collected in this category. Universal tablet stands are suitable for all 9 to 11 inch tablets. Custom tablet stands are only suitable for the Samsung Galaxy TAB A (T550) tablet. If you only want to see the specific custom stands for the Samsung Galaxy TAB A (T550), then choose in the Filter on the right of the screen under Tablet type Tablet type for Specific tablet holder. For the universal stands only, select in the right-hand corner under Filter at Tablet holder type for Universal tablet holder for all universal tablet wall holders, table stands and floor stands
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