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The customizable Ergo secured tablet table stand is used to display but also protect any tablet from theft at exhibitions, shops or other publicly accessible … Read more
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The customizable Ergo secured tablet table stand is used to display but also protect any tablet from theft at exhibitions, shops or other publicly accessible areas.
The tablet table stand is available in different colors and is specifically tailor made for your tablet. The enclosure is made of high quality acrylic. The metal foot plate and tube are painted in white or black. At an additional cost, the foot plate and tube are also available in stainless steel.

The tablet is slid into the Fino enclosure that can be locked with the included push lock. The charging cable for the tablet can be installed invisibly.

The tablet enclosure can be mounted in landscape or portrait and has an angle of 45 degrees. Optionally a tilt and / or rotation unit are available. The enclosure can also be m ounted on other VESA compatible products like monitor arms.
The on-off button of the tablet is accessible from the back. Ventilation holes prevent overheating and Wifi reception is excellent.

Exact fit

The customisable Ergo tablet table stand with Fino enclosure can be made for any tablet. This means that any tablet will fit exactly into the enclosure. Also space is taken into account for the charging cable. You can slide the tablet into the enclosure and lock it. There is the option to have only the screen visible or have the home button, camera and light sensor also visible. The thickness of the enclosure is only 15 mm.

Different colors

The cusomisable Ergo Fino table stand is made of high-quality acrylic. It is available in white or black. The 350 x 350 x 4 mm footplate and 1050 x 60 mm tube are made of metal and painted in white or black. A
t an additional cost stainless steel is available.

Safe against theft

The lock is located at the back of the table stand enclosure and can be locked by pressing it. Two keys are included to unlock it.

Tiltable and rotatable (optional)

The Fino enclosure can be mounted on the table stand in portrait or landscape in a 45 degree angle. Optionally it is possible to mount a rotation disc to rotate the enclosure from landscape to portrait and vice versa.

Optionally it is also possible to mount a tilt unit for adjusting the viewing angle between 30 to 90 degrees or a 360 degrees rotation unit which rotates the entire stand and replaces the metal foot plate. The 360 degrees rotation unit needs to be mounted to the surface for stability.Universal solution

The enclosure is compatible with VESA 75 and 100. This way it can be mounted on all monitor standard and swivel arms equipped with VESA. The Ergo Fino table stand is ideal for use in busy places such as fairs, hospitals, clinics, libraries and shops where you can not always keep an eye on everything.

Operation, WiFi, power and sound

The power cord can be mounted invisibly in the enclosure and through the hollow tube of the table stand and appears under the foot plate. An extra long USB power cable is optionally available.

WiFi reception remains optimal and there is sufficient ventilation to prevent overheating. The sounds from the tablet can be heard through the ventilation holes at the rear. All buttons of the tablet can be reached through the holes in the back of the enclosure.

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