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The Ergo secured tablet wall mount Flessibile 300mm is suitable for securing all 9 - 11 inch tablets against theft. This rock-solid wall mount for … Read more
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The Ergo secured tablet wall mount Flessibile 300mm is suitable for securing all 9 - 11 inch tablets against theft. This rock-solid wall mount for tablets is available in the color silver-gray. The Securo cassette is available in the colors white, black, silver gray or stainless steel. The silver-gray is of course the most beautiful combination. The luxury Meglio cassette made of acrylic is available in white or black.

The Flessibile wall mount has two hinges and a distance to the wall of 300 mm. This allows the cassette to be placed in landscape and in portrait and can be set at any angle by the rotating ball mechanism.

The cassette is closed by means of 2 Allen screws supplied, but an optional stainless steel lock or safety bolt is available.

Safe against theft

The Ergo secured tablet wall mount Flessibile 300mm has two hinges so that the cassette with tablet can be turned in all directions. The wall bracket is supplied with a Securo steel cassette or the luxury Meglio plastic cassette. The Securo is available in white, black, silver gray and stainless steel and the Mglio in white and black.

The plastic ball can be tilted in all directions. You can adjust the skid resistance with which you tighten or loosen the screws. The cassette can be easily and quickly rotated from portrait to landscape.

The cassette with tablet is closed by 2 supplied Allen screws. It is also possible to optionally order a stainless steel pressure lock or a safety bolt for even more safety. The safety bolt is supplied with the special tool for tightening and loosening it.

Universal solution

Foam pads are supplied in 3 different thicknesses, which are placed in the cassette depending on the thickness of the tablet. With the metal Securo, the tablet is placed on this and the cassette closed. The tablet is slid into the Meglio. The advantage of these universal mounts is that a new type or other brand of tablet with the same size will probably also fit.

The Ergo secure tablet wall mount is ideal for use in crowded places such as fairs, hospitals, clinics, libraries and shops where you cannot always keep an eye on everything.

Control, WiFi, power and sound

A plastic plate is included to shield the home button, but it is better to arrange this on the tablet using software. The USB cable runs through a hole in the cassette to the wall mount. An extra long power cable is optionally available.

The WiFi reception remains optimal and there is sufficient ventilation to prevent overheating. At the bottom of the cassette, 2 holes are made to run a headphone wire through. Sound can be heard through the ventilation holes on the back.

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