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The Heckler Windfall® table stand for the iPad 10.9 (Gen.10) anthracite is a real design stand. This tablet table stand has been specifically developed for … Read more
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The Heckler Windfall® table stand for the iPad 10.9 (Gen.10) anthracite is a real design stand. This tablet table stand has been specifically developed for the iPad 10.9 inch and therefore has a perfect fit.

The Windfall for iPad 10.9 is made of high quality steel and is powder coated in anthracite. The iPad holder is made of metal and is equipped with cable ducts with security. The frame is equipped with Allen screws with theft protection. Tools are included.

The table stand can be used as a tablet display or as a Point Of Sale (POS) system. Several mounting methods are included: sliding feet, anti-slip feet and optionally a pivot tack or pivot table with Kensington click connection. This allows the entire stand to be protected against theft.

One of the best thought-out and most beautiful design stands for the iPad 10.9.


The Heckler Design Stand table stand anthracite for the iPad 10.9 (Gen.10) is equipped with anti-theft Allen screws with matching tools. Both on the front and in the foot there is a Kensington slot for mounting a Kensington cable to secure the entire stand.

If the optionally available pivot table is installed, the Stand is equipped with a Kensington Clicksafe connection point. The optionally available Kensington Clicksafe cable can be connected here. Double-sided tape is also included to fix the pivot table to the surface.


The Heckler Stand table stand is a real design stand that makes it design of the iPad 10.9 enhanced. The best quality materials are used and the finish is sublime. The Windfall Stand is produced in the USA.

This iPad 10.9 table stand can be used as a Point Of Sale (POS) system or as a regular table stand. The ports on the side remain available so that most POS payment systems can be mounted without any problem. The viewing angle is 45 degrees.

Cable ducts run in the holders at the back to neatly secure the power cable.


There are several mounting options. As a result, the standard always meets expectations. Watch the video for all mounting methods.

  • Sliding feet: 4 felt feet are included that are glued to the bottom with which the stand can easily be moved.
  • Anti-slip feet: 4 anti-slip feet are included with which the Heckler Stand remains in place.
  • Pivot table (optional): the pivot table is a round disc that allows the Heckler Stand to turn around its axis. rotate. The top is equipped with a Kensington ClickSafe connection point. The pivot table is supplied with single-sided tape and double-sided tape. With the latter it is stuck to the surface.
  • Pivot tack (optional): the Stand can be secured by means of a pin with locking pin through the surface. Instead of the locking pin, a padlock can be used to secure the table stand against theft.


From 50 pieces is it possible to get alternative colors like green, red, orange, yellow, black or white. Click here for more information.


  • Heckler Stand table stand
  • 4x felt base
  • 4x anti-slip base
  • Safety hex key and screws
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