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Where the ClickSafe® series is distinguished by the fact that the lock is simple with one applied by hand, clicked into place. A small attachment … Read more
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Where the ClickSafe® series is distinguished by the fact that the lock is simple with one applied by hand, clicked into place. A small attachment is screwed into the laptop's standard Kensington slot. The lock is clicked on without using the key. With all other Kensington cables, the tee must be pressed into the slot with one hand and locked with the other hand.

The Kensington Clicksafe ® AnyWhere Pack consists of 2 cables. One for the office and one for on the go. The laptop lock is 1.5 m long and is made of 5 mm thick steel. The entire cable is plastic-coated. The Kensington cable comes with 2 keys and the attachment with Allen key. The security cable lock is suitable for all laptops with a Kensington cutout. The steel cable has a loop through which the cable is passed and is fixed around a nail-proof object.


MORE INFORMATION ON KEY MANAGEMENT (Master / Single / Like keyed solutions )

Security Display Solutions, in collaboration with Kensington, provides key management for various situations. If you order a Kensington security cable via the website, you will receive a standard set of two identical keys or a combination lock that you can set yourself. This is a great solution for private individuals, but not always the best solution for companies. We offer the following key management options for the Kensington locks:

Master keyed: administrator access with user keys

The IT manager or administrator has access to all Kensington locks via a Master Key and the users all have their own individual and unique key (2 pieces). Every user has the option to protect his or her laptop against theft both in the office and on the road. The administrator has a Master Key that can be used to open any lock for upgrades, displaced n, replaced or in case of lost keys.

The ideal solution for protecting equipment against theft where the user needs access, such as with laptops and tablets.

Service from Security Display Solutions

Please contact us for advice on the best solution for your organization: 024 - 641 94 74 or by email: info@sediso.com

If desired, we register the key numbers and / or master code via the Kensington online tools of the delivered solution, so that you can always fall back on us if a key is lost, staff have left without the correct leave information or simply as a central point of contact. We will then ensure that a replacement key is provided as soon as possible.

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