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Parotec is an ISO certified company from the UK that has specialized in developing solutions for the education, training, museum and touring market since the … Read more
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Parotec is an ISO certified company from the UK that has specialized in developing solutions for the education, training, museum and touring market since the late 1980s. Parotec supplies to companies all over the world. Quality of product and service are of paramount importance.

The Parotec trolley cases are the ideal solution if you need to transport large numbers of tablets to different locations. Think of schools with different physical locations where it is impossible to move a tablet cart. If training is given throughout the country, and tablets are used, a handy but safe, impact-resistant Parotec suitcase is the best solution.

The Parotec iNsync C452 / C525 trolley cases have space for 10 tablets. The C452 is suitable for 9-10 "tablets and the C525 for 7-8" tablets. Both suitable for tablets in sleeves up to 25mm thick. There is a Parotec trolley case version for loading only and a version for synchronizing and loading.


The Parotec iNsync / iNcharge trolley cases are the ideal way to safely transport a large number of tablets between different locations. The trolley case is equipped with self-lubricating bearing wheels and 2 handles, 1 of which is extendable. The inside has thick foam and the case itself is made of ABS for optimal protection.


The trolley case weighs 8.25 kg without tablets and is 52w x 41d x 39h cm. Fully chargeed with 10 tablets, the case weighs about 15 kg.

The recesses are suitable for tablets in a sleeve up to 25 mm thick.


The Parotec C452 / C525 tablet trolley case is available as only chargeed of a chargeed and synchronizing variant. Next to each recess is a USB connection for charging and / or synchronizing. Separate short cables are available to keep everything neat and clear.

There are 4 tablet trolley case variants available:

  • InCharge C525, 10 tablets of 7-8 ", chargeed only
  • InSync C525, 10 tablets of 7-8 ", synchronize and charge
  • InCharge C452, 10 tablets of 9-10 ", chargeed only
  • InSync C452, 10 tablets 9-10 ", synchronize and charge
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< S S SYNCHRONIZING

The Parotec trolleys with the synchronization function have intelligent universal chargeing and synchronization technology that ensures that the tablets are optimally chargeed. All types of tablets are supported via a USB port that can be chargeed. With the help of an external laptop and the presence of a USB synchronization cable, 10 tablets can be synchronized at a time with the help of, for example, the Apple configurator software.

The USB 2.0 synchronization cable is supplied (USB A to USB B).

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The Parotec trolley case lid closes with 2 hinges and 2 click locks with lock.

A power connection on the outside ensures that the tablets can also be chargeed with a closed lid.

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