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The Sediso Alarm box is the cheapest and easiest way to protect your valuable products at the trade fairs or in the store against theft. … Read more

The Sediso Alarm box is the cheapest and easiest way to protect your valuable products at the trade fairs or in the store against theft. You place the alarm box in an (in) visible place using 2 screws or the supplied double-sided sticker. Then attach the product to be protected to the 1 meter long steel cable. We have mounting solutions for all products such as glasses, handbags, electronics, shoes, scarves, clothing, etc. It doesn't matter which product you want to protect, we have a solution for almost everything. Call us if in doubt.

  • Electronically securing every product
  • Cheap and easy installation
  • Supplied complete with safety screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver and cable stop.
  • The steel cable is 1 meter long and is automatically rolled up in the alarm box
  • When the cable is cut, the alarm goes off
  • When the alarm box is removed, the alarm will go off
  • The alarm box is provided with 98 db alarm volume
  • The alarm box is equipped with a battery
  • Control via remote control
  • NL manual


The Sediso alarm box consists of a box of 46x46x29mm that is equipped with a roll-up mechanism for a 1 meter long plasticized steel wire. At the bottom there is a sensor and double-sided tape. The top is secured with 2 security screws.


The alarm box is glued to a flat surface that is first cleaned with the supplied alcohol swab. If the surface is not suitable for pasting the box, it is possible to fix it with 2 2.5-3 cm long screws.

The alarm box comes standard with a roll stop. This is clamped around the cable to determine how far the cable can be rolled back. This prevents the retractor (recoiler) from pulling a light object from its place.

Alarm function

The Sediso alarm box is activated by using a paper clip to flip a switch. The box gives a sound signal and the LED light flashes when it is activated. A red LED light flashes every 8-10 seconds after the alarm is triggered. As soon as the box is removed from its place, the wire is cut or pulled out of the box, the 98 decibel alarm goes off. The alarm can be switched off by pointing it at the top of the alarm box by means of a separately available remote control.

You can completely switch off the alarm box by unscrewing the safety screws with the supplied screwdriver and pushing the switch to the off position. The alarm box is equipped with a button cell battery and lasts 2 years in standby (activated) mode. The alarm box gives a continuous warning signal when the battery is almost empty.

Smartwatch confirmation

The alarm box for smartwatch security has been specifically developed for securing the smartwatch. The plastic with metal bracket is secured around the wristband using the Phillips screwdriver supplied with the . This has a magnetic pin closure that secures the mount to the cable. The pin can be released again with the separately available magnetic release. This makes it easy to disconnect the product to sell or demonstrate it. Of course, the product is just as easy to attach again.


  • Alarm box
  • Double-sided tape
  • Alcohol swab
  • Rollstop
  • Phillips screwdriver (1x per order)
  • Safety screwdriver (1x per order)
  • Dutch manual (1x per order)
Convenient to order with
  • Remote control (1x per order)
  • Magic unlocker (1x per order)
  • Spare double-sided tape
  • Sticker shovel for removing the alarm box (1x per order)
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