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Sediso MINI Tablet stand-alone display security. No more stolen tablets in your store thanks to the security of Security Display Solutions. Secure your tablets and … Read more
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Sediso MINI Tablet stand-alone display security. No more stolen tablets in your store thanks to the security of Security Display Solutions. Secure your tablets and prevent shoplifting. You can let your customers try all products with confidence.

  • Protecting and charging tablets
  • The cable runs on the outside of the display
  • Display with 110 db alarm volume
  • Even in case of power failure, the product remains protected by a built-in battery
  • Charging cable is equipped with alarm
  • Metal bracket for extra sturdy attachment
  • LED lamp to indicate security
  • Control via remote control
  • Secure with screws (included)
  • Easy installation
  • 2A load capacity

The Sediso MINI series of displays

You want to let your customers try the products because you know that this leads to more purchases. But how do you ensure that the products are not stolen? The Sediso MINI series is a complete line of secure displays for smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones and smartwatches. The displays are equipped with a 110 dB alarm and possibly a charging function via the mount regardless of whether the alarm is activated. No more stolen products. Secure your demonstration products today with one of the MINI displays for worry-free sales.

MINI Tablet display

The Sediso MINI Tablet display white is mounted on a furniture for showing, charging and securing all smartphones with Lightning, Micro USB or Micro UBS type C connection.

Alarm function

The alarm will sound when one of the following occurs:

  • the tablet is pulled away from the mount
  • the charging cord is pulled from the tablet or display
  • the curled cable is pulled out of the display
  • the entire display is pulled off the table

Wireless control

The display is activated by a remote control. You can use the simple on / off remote control or a programmable remote control with codes to turn individual displays on and off.

Easy installation

The MINI displays for tablets are easy to install. The bottom of the display is covered with 3M double-sided tape. This is also available separately so you can always easily mount the display in other places. The tablet mount also features double-sided tape.

It is possible to let the cable for charging through the bottom of the display run through a hole in the table. If a hole in the substrate is not desirable or possible, the cable can also run from the rear. The cable is 1.10 m and can optionally be extended with a USB extension cable of 2 meters.

Extra security

In addition to mounting with double-sided tape, the MINI Tablet can be secured to the surface using two supplied screws (screwed on from below). The charging cable can run directly through a hole in the surface to the USB charger (included).

A metal bracket is also included which can be attached to the display mount for additional mechanical protection of the tablet against theft.

Charging function tablet and battery display

The tablet is charged with 2A via a micro USB connection in the mount. Of course we supply the correct short cables for this. If this cable is disconnected, the alarm will go off. The display itself is equipped with a rechargeable battery. This is charged via an included adapter. It can remain permanently connected or you can use the display without charging cable for at least 1 month on standby.

In the box

  • Sediso MINI Tablet display white with fixed USB cable and with double-sided tape
  • USB charger for in the socket
  • Two wing nuts
  • Alcohol wipe
  • Instruction manual

Optionally available

  • remote control (necessary)
  • Metal bracket depending on tablet size (7-8 "/ 9-11" "/ 12")
  • charging cord from mount to tablet for charging (depending on tablet type)
  • extra double-sided tape for foot display and tablet mount
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