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The TabCabby 16H Compact has fixed shelves and is only available in blue. The 16H has extendable drawers and is available in multiple colors. Key … Read more
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The TabCabby 16H Compact has fixed shelves and is only available in blue. The 16H has extendable drawers and is available in multiple colors.

Key points of the TabCabby 16H Compact for tablets:

  • Suitable for 16 tablets with or without cover.
  • Horizontal location of the tablets.
  • Also available as a Charge & amp; Sync version.
  • Equipped with fixed shelves
  • Equipped with an intelligent energy management system.
  • Closed separate compartments for storing the USB chargers.
  • Passive ventilation system prevents overheating.
  • Equipped with handy handles.
  • Corners fitted with shock absorbing bumpers.
  • Large stable wheels with lock function.
  • 2-point locking mechanism for safe storage.
  • Innovative cable management system.
  • No protruding parts and key lock on top.


The TabCabby 16H Compact is suitable for the safe storage and chargeing of 16 tablets with or without protective cover. The frame is made of welded steel. The available space per tablet is B217 x D344 x H40 mm. The cart itself is W620 x D437 x H1030 mm. The door handles are integrated and there are no protruding parts.

The large handles at the top make it easy to move the cart. Bumpers on the corners of the cart provide shock absorption. The large and extra strong layered wheels ensure silent transport and maximum vibration-free transport.

The handles, door handles and ventilation grilles are only available in blue.


The TabCabby 16H Compact is equipped with an intelligent charging system. This ensures that the power is turned off as soon as all devices are charged. In addition, the system switches itself off in case of overheating. The devices are also charged in phases, with a few seconds pause, so that the power network is not overchargeed. There is a timer with which you can set a chargeing program yourself. The plug on the outside has a "trip-free" connection.

The cabinet is designed in such a way that optimum use is made of passive ventilation. This means that there are no extra fans in the cabinet so that chargeing can take place quickly and silently.

The TabCabby 16H Compact is optionally available as a Charge Sync variant. The USB ports are already available and the tablets can also be synchronized via the built-in USB Sync and Charge unit.


The USB chargers of the tablets are stored in the separate spaces on the sides of the TabCabby 16H Compact. The sides can be opened via a hidden handle in the cabinet itself.

Through this space it is possible to organize the cables neatly so that the connection is close to the tablet and no unnecessary cable is visible.


Tablets are neatly stored and protected against theft and damage with the TabCabby 16H Compact. The key lock is on the top of the cart so that the chance of the key breaking off is minimal. The doors are locked at two points. The cart is supplied complete so it can be used immediately after installation.

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