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Zioxi is a company specialized in storage, charging, synchronization and security solutions for smartphones, laptops and tablets in schools, libraries, offices and clinics. The Zioxi … Read more
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Zioxi is a company specialized in storage, charging, synchronization and security solutions for smartphones, laptops and tablets in schools, libraries, offices and clinics. The Zioxi products are made in England and meet the highest quality requirements.

Almost everyone has a laptop these days. In a number of environments it is desirable that these devices can be safely charged without having to be continuously supervised. Think of libraries, hospitals and schools, but also in certain business environments with confidential information.

Zioxi has the solution in the form of the 1:1 laptop charging locker 24. The Zioxi 1:1 laptop charging locker 24 is a cabinet with 24 individually lockable compartments. The compartments measure 46d x 33.5 x 5h cm and are suitable for almost all laptops up to 17 inches. In addition, it is possible to install a USB type C PD charger (60W) or to order the cabinet with sockets so that the laptops are ready for use again after a few hours. Only suitable for placing on a desk or cabinet. Cannot be hung on the wall.


The Zioxi VOLT 1:1 laptop charge locker has 24 compartments, each of which can be closed individually. The laptop locker comes standard with 2 keys per compartment and a Master Key with which the administrator can open each compartment.

The locker can optionally be equipped with 24 electronic code locks. Each compartment is then closed by the user at a time by entering a 4-digit code twice. Entering this code once will open the compartment again. In this way, optimal use can be made of the storage capacity because different users can use the locker throughout the day.

If it is desirable that each user has his own fixed compartment with his own fixed code, this is also possible be set. A Master Code and Master Key are also available for the manager to open each compartment if someone has forgotten their code.

As a third option, the VOLT locker for smartphones can be equipped with RFID (MiFare) with onView web control where the lockers can be managed remotely. A license for the first year is included in the price. After that, an annual license costs 800 Euro excl. VAT/yr. Learn more about onView web control.


The Zioxi VOLT 1:1 laptop charge locker has a space available next to each compartment to store a charger. Optionally, it is also possible to provide the locker with USB-C PD (60W) ports in the charging compartment. The USB-C ports are of the type PD3.0 with voltage / maximum voltage combinations of 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V and 20V and are therefore suitable for charging laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones and all other devices that use USB type C can be loaded. The maximum output per port is 60W.

USB C charging cables suitable for 60W can be supplied as an option. Only one power cable runs to the locker.


The 24 compartments measure 46d x 33.5 x 5h cm . This is sufficient for almost all laptops up to 17". The cabinet itself is 58d x 51w x 177 cm.

The cabinet is made of MDF with melamine coating (synthetic resin) and the doors and front of double aluminum The cabinet is light gray and the front dark gray.

The cabinet is suitable for placing on a table or desk, but cannot be hung on the wall. Optionally, a slanted top is possible to prevent leave user items on top of the locker.

Note: when measuring the device, the adapter or USB cable must be included in the maximum dimensions of the compartment for charging!


5 years warranty on construction and 2 years on electrical parts.


  • Access Control - support available for most RFID cards and fobs including MiFare, HID and Legic using ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 standards. Confirm required RFID standard when ordering.
  • User management - users can be provisioned via bulk upload, integration with third-party systems and individual user editing facilities.
  • Locker Modes - a choice of easily configured locker modes, including Lending (for self-service device), Private (dedicated to an individual), or Public (for use by multiple users). In all modes, users can be given other self-service options such as finding and reserving a locker or device, ending their locker use, and being alerted to issues such as leaving their locker open or their allotted time.
  • Audit Trail - a filterable and searchable log of user activity by locker or locker tower; by room, floor & building location; by activity type (e.g. open, close, continue or exit usage) and per user.
  • Remote control – the web portal and app allow management users to control one, selected or all lockers per locker tower or bank, room, floor, building or even entire organization. The controls include the ability to open doors; delete and assign users; set curfews, quarantine and decommission lockers, and customize locker operating modes and settings.
  • Green Charge – onView's integration with data from national electricity grids in most European countries enables the system to advise on the optimal low-carbon charging times for mobile devices and action charging using a configurable set of rules.
  • Custom Rules – allow users (and zioxi- employees if you want our help) to set up alerts and rule-driven actions to facilitate locker management, including notifications for any locker status (e.g., violated, available, out of service); locker occupied, unusually used, returned, or door left open; power failure and much more.
  • Reporting tools - provide comprehensive live and historical information on locker usage by user and by hour or day, as well as power consumption, temperature, events, locker settings, location by map view and much more.

Learn more about Onview on Zioxi's website.

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