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Apple products often do not have a Kensington connection for theft protection with a Kensington cable. Security Display Solution has various solutions for securing the iMac, MacBook, Apple TV, Mac Mini and Mac Pro.

For securing Apple iPhone against theft:

For securing Apple iPad against theft:

  • Floor stand, table stand and wall mounts- universal stands for multiple types of tablets or specifically for the iPad
  • Tablet security display - stand alone or central electronic security by means of sensors and an alarm
  • Gripzo tablet grips - unique mechanical security suitable for all smartphones specifically for retail and trade shows
  • Secure covers - secure covers for the iPad with a Kensington connection so that it can be secured with a cable
  • Cable security - an adhesive pad is attached directly to the tablet and secured with a cable
  • Tablet carts - mobile solutions specifically aimed at education
  • Tablet lockers - individually lockable compartments for safe storage and loading of tablets