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All the accessories that can be used in combination with the electronic security products from Security Display Solutions. Extra stickers: for the replacement of the double-sided stickers, between display and table and between the tablet and holder. Remote controls: for the activation of the tablet security display. Charging Cables: These are the special short cables that are used for charging the tablet. One side with micro USB port is placed in the holder of the security display, and the other side with mini USB, micro USB (C) or Lightning is inserted into the tablet. Tablet Security displays deliver 2.1A current. Enough to charge all tablets. Extra long USB cables: the standard cable length of a tablet security display is about 125 cm. If the outlet is further away it is possible to extend the USB cable. Acrylic displays: if a central alarm system is used, the tablet can be placed flat on a table.However putting it ,on an acrylic display is more convenient.
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