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Security solutions to prevent theft for tablets is what you will find here. Security Display Solutions has the largest collection of security products in Europe. We have loss prevention solutions for retail stores, museums, libraries, restaurants and businesses but also for trade shows, events, shows and other public events where thieves are active. Some of our product groups: Stand alone tablet security displays: individual electronic security for tablets Central tablet security displays; to secure a group of products for example on a counter Tablet floorstands, tabletstands and wall mounts: we have a solution for every tablet to secure it from theft during trade shows or exhibitions.  Tablet cable security: secure your tablet by using a cable and a metal plate with a sticker and Kensington slot.  We also have a range of tabletcarts, tablettrolleys, tabletcabinets and tabletlockers to secure and store tablets.  Contact us for more information: +31 (0)24 - 641 9474.
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