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The Heckler Design Tablestands have been developed for a number of specific tablets. The fit is 100% which is reflected in the professionalism and design. Heckler Design is the only brand dedicated to developing POS applications for tablets with all tablet ports and buttons free but the tablet is still secure against theft. The tablestands of Heckler Design have a unique shape. There are different types of tablestands available: Heckler Design WindfallHeckler Design Windfall ConsoleHeckler Design Windfall Stand TallHeckler Designs Windfall Stand PortraitThe Windfall Table Stand is in many ways attached to the surface: Not protected, only the standard with sliding feet or anti-slip feet.With screws fixed to the substrate.With a Kensington cable in one of the Kensington slots.Pivot table, included. The standard can be rotated around its axis and securely sealed to the ground. Optionally, the default can be fixed with a Kensington Clicksafe cable lock.Pivot tack, optionally available. This will securely lock the stand by the background and can rotate the default.If you want a true design tablet table stand that fits your brand experience, choose the Heckler Design tablet table stand.
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