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For the safe storage and loading of tablets, Compulocks has designed the CartiPad Uno storage and security cabinet. It can accommodate 15 tablets of 13 … Read more
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For the safe storage and loading of tablets, Compulocks has designed the CartiPad Uno storage and security cabinet. It can accommodate 15 tablets of 13 inch or smaller. The cabinet comes with a cart so that it can be moved. it is possible to mount 2 Maclocks Solo cabinets on 1 CartiPad.

The cabinet can also be unscrewed and can then be mounted on a wall or on a desk / table. You use the original cables and chargers. The door can be closed and locked. No more lying around and empty tablets in the office or school.


The CartiPad UNO from Compulocks can accommodate up to 15 tablets or netbooks up to 13 inches. The cover plate can be used to indicate who owns which tablet by placing a name sticker on it.

The Maclocks CartiPad UNO is made of high quality lightweight materials and provided with sufficient ventilation slots to protect the tablets against overheating. They also remain connected to WiFi in the cupboard if this is desirable. The cabinet is closed using a key. 2 keys are included.


No cables or chargers are included. The original chargers and cables can be used to charge the tablets or netbooks via the internal power strips.


The dimensions of the cabinet alone are 45.7 cm wide, 35.6 cm high and 35.6 cm deep. The cart with cupboard has the dimensions 55 cm wide, 99 cm high and 45.8 cm deep. The weight of the cabinet is 11.3 kg and the trolley 7.7 kg. Together they weigh 19 kg. The cabinet can be removed from the cart and possibly also attached to a wall. The cart has room for 2 Maclocks SOLO cabinets. The movable cart is equipped with 2 swivel wheels and 2 fixed wheels.


Together with the separately available CARTIPAD, the MacLocks CL-SOLO tablet cabinet can be made into a tablet cart. With 2 pieces of CL-SOLO you can even make a cart suitable for 30 tablets. The cabinets are easy to unscrew and can also be used as a wall cabinet.

Optionally available with:

  • USB HUB charging + sync .: 20 port USB hub for charging and synchronizing with 3m cable suitable for all tablets with surge protection.
  • Raiser: foam plates cut to size to raise the bottom for 7 and 8 inch tablets so that they are better clamped in the mounts and easier to take out of the cabinet.
  • Wall mounting: 4 pcs threaded bolts with plugs for mounting the MacLocks tablet cabinet on a wooden or stone wall.
  • Number stickers: number all tablets and their position in the cabinet (s) so that you can see at a glance which tablet is missing.
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