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The sDock from Smart Things is a lockable wall mount for the iPad Mini 1,2,3. What distinguishes this wall mount is that a photo or … Read more
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The sDock from Smart Things is a lockable wall mount for the iPad Mini 1,2,3. What distinguishes this wall mount is that a photo or other image can be mounted in the mount. Thus, for example, a advertisement, brand, photo or iPad number can be displayed if the iPad Mini is not in the mount.

This wall mount can be used to permanently secure an iPad Mini, but is specifically made to take the iPad out of the wall mount regularly. The wall mount is equipped with a Lightning connection so that the iPad is charged again as soon as it is placed back in the wall mount.

This wall mount is used by Apple itself at the head office in each of the 200 meeting rooms for the reservation system.

Not suitable for iPad Mini 4.


The sDock Mini wall mount from Smart Things is designed to secure and charge the iPad Mini, yet make it easy to remove.

The iPad Mini 4 and 5 is easy to place in the sDock Mini. The top of the sDock is spring chargeed. By pushing the iPad Mini upwards into the mount and then lowering it over the Lightning connection, it is placed and the iPad Mini is immediately charged.

Ideal for situations where iPads are temporarily loaned or used and put back, such as meeting rooms in the office or fairs, museums, hotels, classrooms and clinics.


The sDock can be provided with an image so that you do not look at an empty mount. This can be, for example, your logo, a photo or a number of the loaned iPad.

Thus, the mount can be used directly as an advertisement.


The sDock Mini can be locked with a key. Thus, the iPad Mini is fixed in the wall mount. The lock comes with 2 keys.


There are 3 Mico USB connections in the bottom part of the mount that are connected to the Lightning connection of the sDock. One on the bottom in landscape mode, one on the bottom in portrait mode and one on the inside for blind mounting (cable goes through the wall or the sCharge is used).

The sCharge has been developed for blind mounting in the wall; a USB charger that fits in a standard electricity box.

A 1.5m long USB - Micro USB cable is included. This is connected to the original iPad charger.


The sDock Mini is equipped with a rotating mechanism with which the iPad Mini can be rotated from portrait to landscape mode. If the iPad is rotated regularly, the best and most convenient option is to opt for a blind mounting.


The sDock Mini is a unique wall mount where the iPad is easy to remove and where an image can be displayed. The iPad Mini is charged as soon as it is placed in the mount. Unique minimalist design, yet safe.


  • sDock Mini for iPad Mini 4 and 5
  • Lock with 2 keys
  • 1,5m USB - Micro USB cable
  • Fasteners (screws and plugs)
  • Manual
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