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aXtion VOLT protective cover iPad Air and Pro 11 The Joy Factory aXtion Bold VOLT iPad Air (Gen.4/5) and Pro 11 (Gen.2/3) /4) rugged protective … Read more
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aXtion VOLT protective cover iPad Air and Pro 11

The Joy Factory aXtion Bold VOLT iPad Air (Gen.4/5) and Pro 11 (Gen.2/3) /4) rugged protective cover has been developed to withstand the toughest conditions and provides optimal protection for the iPad Air (Gen.4/5) and Pro 11 (Gen.2/3/4). Despite its high protection factor, this iPad cover only weighs 285 grams and is lightweight. The dimensions of the protective cover are 278mm x 203mm x 19mm.

The cover is provided with protection for the screen by means of a built-in screen protector. It features AccuTouch™ Technology. This is very sensitive so that the touchscreen can be used optimally. Even the fingerprint recognition just works.

  • Charging the iPad Air (Gen.4/5) and Pro 11 (Gen.2/3/4) via pogo pins on the outside of the cover (Using the Charging Dock )
  • The Sharpvue™ anti-scratch camera lens ensures perfect photos with optimal protection.
  • The shock proof rating of this cover is: MIL- STD-810G. This means that the iPad can withstand a fall of 2 meters.
  • Use in combination with all MagConnect holders
  • Equipped with handle


The MagConnect mounting system consists of dozens of supports and arms to which the aXtion Bold protective covers can be attached. At the end of the arm or support is a magnet and screw. The magnet clicks onto the round metal plate that is incorporated in the protective cover. The protective cover can then be secured with the screw.

This diverse line of adjustable carbon fiber mounts is designed to support specific tablets such as iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini and Surface Pro. For other tablets, the universal MagConnect tablet module is designed so you can build a system that is customized to your exact needs.

1. Clear back with asset tag support

2. Swivel silicone hand strap is easy to clean

3. MagConnect adapter for compatibility with all MagConnect Mounts

4. Multi-angle swivel stand

5. POGO Pin module for seamless connection with aXtion Volt Docking and charging stations

6. Universal Shoulder Strap Port (CWX202)

7. Built-in screen protector

8. Holder for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

9. Lens protectors in front and behind the camera

10. Molded knots

11. Ambient light sensor compatibility

12. Microphone port compatibility

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