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SEDISO LOCTAB MODULAR TABLET SECURITY The LocTab modular system consists of 3 different cassettes for 7-8 inch tablets, 9-11 inch tablets and 12-13 inch tablets. … Read more
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The LocTab modular system consists of 3 different cassettes for 7-8 inch tablets, 9-11 inch tablets and 12-13 inch tablets. This universal cassette becomes a tailor-made solution by means of a fit kit. The fit kit consists of 4 rubber corners and a front plate with or without cutouts for the camera and Home button.

The cassette can then be used as a tablet wall mount, tablet table stand or tablet floor stand. The advantage is obvious; when you want to use a new tablet, you only need to buy a new fit kit.

The LocTab cassette can be locked using a supplied lock with 2 keys. The cassette itself is made of polycarbonate and the front plate of painted steel. The cassette has a Kensington slot. The fit kit consists of rubber corners and a white acrylic passepartout. The tubes are made of painted aluminum.

The charging cable can be completely hidden from view. A number of accessories are available such as a landscape - portrait rotation unit and a 270 degree rotation unit and base plate for the table stand.


The Sediso LocTab floor stand for iPad tablets is a robust and safe way to use and secure the iPad . The 45-degree viewing angle invites interaction.

The cassette can be mounted on the pipe in portrait or landscape. It is possible to provide the Sediso LocTab floor stand with a portrait to landscape rotation option at an additional cost.

The Sediso LocTab flat wall mount is suitable for the following iPad tablets:

  • iPad 10.2 (2019)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (Gen.1,2,3)
  • iPad 9.7 2018 (Gen.6)
  • iPad 9.7 2017 (Gen.5)
  • iPad Pro 11 (2018)
  • iPad Pro and Air 10.5
  • iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad Air 1 and 2
  • iPad Mini 4.5


The Sediso LocTab iPad floor stand comes with a lock and 2 keys with which the cassette can be opened and closed easily and quickly. The iPad is safely stored in the cassette. In addition, the cassette is equipped with a Kensington slot so that it can be extra secured by securing it with a Kensington cable.


The LocTab floor stand has a sleek and simple design that focuses attention on the content of the tablet. The fit-kit plate is white compared to the image where it is black.

It is possible to have a logo or other images printed on the front plate. If you wish to make use of this, please contact us (from 25 units).


The LocTab iPad floor stand comes with a heavy base plate of 380 x 385 mm.

It is possible to let the cable come out through the cassette and tube through a recess in the foot to .

The polycarbonate shell allows WIFI signals to pass through unhindered, while the metal front plate ensures security.

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